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(Zimbabwe) Mandela Washington Fellow Stan Nyamanhindi: Strong Legal Minds equals Strong Legal System

Stan Nyamanhindi at Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American Independence, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stan Nyamanhindi at Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American Independence, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Youth Forum interviews Stan Nyamanhindi, currently at University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, USA, as part of the 2015 Mandela Washington Fellowship, representing Zimbabwe.

Nyamanhindi, a lawyer and senior program manager for Continuing Legal Education of the Law Society of Zimbabwe, says his experience has been exhilarating with the bar being set higher each week of the program.

Back home in Zimbabwe, Nyamanhindi leads a program seeking to make continual legal education mandatory for the professional development of lawyers in the country.

“I totally believe that strengthening the legal profession by giving them the capacity in terms of training will also result in a strong bench or judiciary,” said Nyamanhindi.

He believes that this program will translate to the upholding of the rule of law which can equate to economic prosperity for Zimbabwe and social justice and access to justice for members of the public.

In August, he will join the other fellows in Washington D.C., to cap off their YALI experience with a few days in the nation's capital.

Nyamanhindi says apart from meeting President Barack Obama, it is the other young African leaders he is interested in sharing ideas with.

“I think that summit will be the apex of a critical process that represents a confluence of opportunity and talent. The opportunity is obviously presented in the skills and the administration to network everything that the YALI gives,” said Nyamanhindi.

In a fun fact, Nyamanhindi is brother to Masimba Nyamanhindi, currently working with the Election Resource Centre in Zimbabwe, who was part of the inaugural Young African Leaders Initiative program to come to the U.S., when it was created by President Obama. Masimba was in a group with four other young Zimbabweans.

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